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About us –
About Us

Good trades’ people are very hard to find now-a-days. Whether it is your apartment security guards or the local plumber, finding one at the time of their utmost necessity sometimes becomes a herculean task.

To reduce your load and optimise the searching procedure, has successfully started a tradesmen providing service online and through call. With this step, it has been able to brought gather all the tradesmen to a single place. It very well bridges the gap between the local tradesmen and the house owners. The website comprises of various skilled technicians belonging to different areas of work. There is a specific format on which the website works. A user is required to enter his need and work for which the technician is required. With this, you can get your house painted and electric fitting done at same point of time.

People can simply post their service needs just by registering themselves with the website. With every login and service need you post, thousands of available options long with suitable quotations get enlisted on your screen. Once you find a suitable option as per your need, just click on the adjacent button to avail the service. You will be notified of the service charges and deliverance time via an e-mail or short message on phone. To take customer’s feedback and ratings, the company also offers a separate feedback page to its users who are its members. To improvise its value and quality of the services, the company persuades its customers to share their respective experiences.

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